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22/05/23 - Pillow-like Lavas (ref. Andesites)

Photographs of the only pillow-like lavas known in Jersey (see Andesites, Spilites or Keratophyres page). Both are located along Le Mont Sohier.


06/11/22 - New paragraph 'Metamorphosed Andesites and Ignimbrites' added to the Metamorphic Rocks page.

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06/06/22 - Recent fossil finds

Found by Clare Chessun among beach pebbles along La Grève d'Azette beach, eroded from the sea bed and deposited by waves/currents during the Winter of 2021-2022.


Chain coral.

Base of Echinoid spine.

Echinoid spine impression.


Molluscan valve ornament.

Parts of Echinoid spines?



07/09/21 - New page on Geophysical Surveys now available.

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29/06/21 - New photograph on Quarries page and new publication now available.


26/11/20 - The Gorey Trail (Granite-Hornfels contact and diorite) updated.

The Gorey Trail - Granite-Hornfels contact and diorite has been updated and is available to download here.


20/11/20 - Superficial Deposits page updated.

Click here to read about recent calcareous concretion finds near La Mare slipway, St. Clément.


05/10/20 - Recent earthquake details added.

Click here to see the details of a 2.8 magnitude earthquake, with an epicentre approx. 15 miles (24kms) south east of Jersey, on 16th September 2020.


15/07/20 - Fossils from Jersey Beaches

Click here to see a selection of fossils that have been found on Jersey beaches.


05/10/19 - Dolerites & Epidiorites, Pontac Beach. SC.

Click here to read about recent discoveries of Dolerites & Epidiorites on Pontac Beach, Saint Clément.


24/01/19 - Jersey Geopark Proposal.

Click here to read about the Jersey Geopark proposal (12.3MB pdf)


16/12/18 - Dolerite dyke found under La Folie.

Click here to read about the recent discovery of a dolerite dyke under La Folie (1.4MB pdf)


01/11/18 - New Specimen Discoveries.

1. Rocks.

Additional varieties of granite, adjacent to and within the area of the La Rocque granite, forming the sea bed and reefs around Seymour Tower in SE Jersey have been recently found by Dr. Paul Chambers.

The first illustrated is a dark red, weakly foliated Intermediate microgranite (Fig. 1), possibly a syenite. The second is a light grey - white, weakly foliated, medium crystalline, possible granodiorite (Fig. 2), similar to the foliated granite in Les Minquiers (Fig. 3).


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3


The presence of the Jersey Shale and Rozel Conglomerate Formations has also been confirmed.


2. Fossils.

Two fossils of uncertain affinities have also been found. The first, showing ribbed exterior and speckled interior views (Figs. 1 & 2), found by a Geology Section member near La Motte. Fig. 1. may be part of an antler, later silicified.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2


The second may be part of a Brachiopod valve with widely - spaced ribs and crenulated margin (Figs. 3 & 4), found by an Archaeology Section member, in a recent excavation at St. Lawrence Church. Both are awaiting identification.


Fig. 3


Fig. 4